636:It is coming

The new chapter is released on time. When illusion has become reality, can Obito escape death and bullying?


First part: Illusion

Talking about fighting by illusion, it has become an indispensable part of combat between two ninjas who have historically associated with each other.

Sasuke VS Itachi,Obito VS Kakashi……

It seems that feuds between them are disappeared in the illusion….however, no one can escape reality.

The use of illusion reflects one’s soul.

Normal illusion is produced to let opponents fall into sleep deeply without awareness.

However the one produced by Itachi was so extraordinary, which push Sasuke over the edge. Thus the curse on him could be dissolved.

And Obito produced the illusion to end the combat: his opponent could die in sleep without feeling hurt.


Second part: peace and opposition

About the situation above, it is unclear that it reflects the memory of Kakashi or Obito or both of them? It seems that both of them never forget inculcation from Yondaim。

Before a fair combat between two ninjas, they need impress a seal of opposition. And after the combat, a seal of peace is impressed.

But at this time the seal of peace changed into a dagger and pierced the other one’s body.

It is a polite behavior that impressing a seal of opposition before a combat, which is also a sign of preparing well for the fighting.

The seal of peace is a transformation from the seal of opposition. Fighter uses the finger which has impressed the opposition seal to hook the opponent’s finger, representing friendship between them.

But in this combat, none of them wants peace. The behavior of piercing each other’s body represents that the combat still go on.


Third part: the body of Obito

Once, Tsunate said that Obito has an immortal body.

Obito can take advantage of the rebirth capacity of primary cell to replace and resume the injured part of his body.

Although Obito suffered serious injure, he still had the chance to recover. However, Madara deprived his chace. Since they disagreed with each other, Madara has not trust Obito anymore.

Maybe at the time when Madara sealed the body of Obito, he had already put parts of his own awareness into Obito’s right part of body. At the proper time, he would awake the awareness to control Obito.

The first speculation sounds more reasonable. Because Madara never trust anyone. He wants Obito to follow his words. He is much likely to tamper with Obito’s body.


Fourth  part: the attack time of Madara

The way Madara choose his attack time is similar to Orojimaru.

They all choose the time when their opponents are weakest, which can protect them from feedback attack by their opponents’ strong will. For example, when Orojimaru attacked Sasuke, he was eaten by Sasuke’s strong will instead.

That’s all. How will the situation of Yondaim meeting Obito would be? Can Madara success fully recover ?…Let’s expect next chapter.


617: The Transmission of Chakra

Because Kakashi has had Kuubi chakras, the power enhanced for three times than before, but I think the transmission amount did not exceed the chakra amount Kakashi could accommodate.

Even Naruto, chakra exceeds the capacity of the body, it will overflow to the outside of the body, to form chakra coat on the body surface.

The reason why the power will enhance for three times, I think it is that Kuubi’s chakra is similar with Naruto’s. They all come from the natural energy.

Kuubi was still sitting cross-legged, it should continue to absorb the natural energy. Kuubi wanted Naruto to fight, and he himself provided a powerful chakra sources, may be so.

Naruto has learned to convert chakra property, and can sense the other ninja chakra attributes, Naruto has grown a lot.

It means that Naruto has learned all the five basic chakra conversion? Otherwise it is impossible to do own chakra transformation and transmission to all.

I think if chakra property can be converted, then changing into other four basic attributes should be very simple.

Madara finally started, but why not use the rinnegann?

I think putting all the energy on Juubi, there was no the excess chakra to use rinnegann again.


616:The Fate of War has been opened

I think we have understood four points from this episode.

A: Orochimaru and Sasuke team all can feell the chakra, showing Juubi’s frightening amount of chakra.

B: Kishimoto stressed again that the Kuubi chakra is the energy of life, which confirmed Naruto’s body was the most close to immortal body. Uchiha Obito ‘s eyes were most close to immortal eyes. The fate of the two associated echo, the fate of the reincarnation of the war was once again.

C: Ino-Shika-Cho needed chakra to be successful

D: Neji regeneration has been impossible, he will always live in the hearts of the Naruto fans. Please restrain your grief.

However, something is worth to say.

Ino and the Sinten no jyutsu

Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Obito now stood at Kuubi’s head, looking at the Ninja army. Obito hated the world, with his mouth almost collapsed coalition core. But Hinata made Naruto rekindle the spirit. At that time, Juubi refining chakra was completed. In accordance with Shikaku’s plan, Juubi chakraed to the Ino-Shika-Cho, Akimichi hold the weak Kuubi’s tails. Obito was so frightened, and fighted back. Ino immediately used Sinten no jyutsu to protect choji in a critical moment.

Ino was targeting to Kuubi instead of Madara or Obito, so Ino must be able to control Kuubi. Obito became shame and angry : ” TSKagain?! “, which showed that Obito had this feelings before.

So as Kuubi brain, without hesitation, kicking Ino out from Kuubi.

This reflects that the nature of Kuubi is a war machine from the side, in the hands of who, working for who. It needs guidance on the right path.


615:The analysis of Naruto ending

A: The army would not have died in vain, Naruto must continue to Influence them.

Uchiha Obito is a life loyalty man. When he saw dear Rin died by Kakashi who promised he would take care of her for life, (no matter it was the arrangement by Uchiha Madara), he was desperate to all world. All his positive feelings were into a deep sorrow the deception, he was in the most painful time of life. Madara comfort convinced him to build a new world without pain, naive Obito was completely unaware this was the arrangement. He only knew that it was the only way to make up for the guilt of Rin. Obito now had full access to the crazy, he wanted to defeat Naruto physically and mentally, making Naruto also experience the feeling of despair. This behavior will certainly kill more ninja, this is the next step of the story, like Pein story.

I remember Pein destroyed Konoha with Almighty Push, but no one told him Naruto’s whereabouts. Why? The author wanted that all beliefs and all the resentment focused on the war of Pein and Naruto. Naruto convinced Pein, Pein also cost his own life in exchange for the lives of all the Konoha.

This is Naruto, this is Kishimoto.

I guess that the army is bound to the resurrection, Obito must repent before dying. As for the final boss, Madara, I think Kishimoto will not let him die so easily. There was still one Sharingan we don’t know where it was. Sasuke did not appear, too. I think the next step Sasuke might become Madara’s another collaborator. Orojimaru might give Sasuke something that let all people from the Impure World Reincarnation really be alive, or something could control Juubi. At last Juubi could be in Madara’s body. The self-sacrifice of the Godaime is in order to give Naruto the chance. Naruto and Hinata in hand are also laying the groundwork for later marriage. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I guess when Obito comes to an end, next step must be to Madara. But we will have to see whether Kishimoto wants to make more money. Madara may be killed anytime. Sooner or later Sasuke and Naruto will have a “Fight of the Century “.

B: Pein‘s story, different boss

Criminals died, Madara died, the last boss will become Sasuke who is bent on revenge for his brother. Sasuke with Orojimaru will take some effort to get Juubi. He will seal it in his own body, then revenge the Konoha. This time Naruto has become the world leader, on behalf of the “Eradication of Sasuke”. We remember Syodaime’s and Madara’s statues, I think Sasuke and Naruto will fight there, too. This is the fucking life. At last Itachi was called out, explaining everything, and so on. World peace, Naruto married, happy ending~


615:The memorable


Hyuga Neiji, fell with unwavering faith,

He left, without regrets, without hatred,

Rejecting all, he stood in the ninja coalition troops to fight together, to struggle together.

He is a warrior.

This life is not a shortcoming.

For his sister, for his families, for everyone living better,

He chose to sacrifice, and finally understood the intention of his own father,

That is, ninja lives for guarding.


I do not know why, I always feel very familiar with these images,

So, I have found the previous comics,

Looking for the pictures that have never lost.

Ah, they have always been there,

In our hearts.


Perhaps the time goes by, our memories fade constantly,

Some people, some things, we never forget.

This is the life,

Doomed to the fate of life, there is sadness and joy, pain and happiness.

This is inherent bond,

In order to maintain this, even which is full of difficulties and hardships,

People will choose to fight desperately.


Some call it stupid, but if some are reluctant to do so, they are stupid idiots.

Long road, often accompanied by loneliness,

And a step-by-step walks alone,

For meeting again, greeting each other better.


Maybe things have passed, people have changed,

But unable to share thoughts buried in the bottom of the heart.

People, walk earthly,

Quadrillionth probability acquaintance with knowing each other.

Every point, every drop is precious.

Perhaps today we will feel that things are taken for granted,

However, when everything suddenly lost, only the feelings cannot be replaced.


People’s growth, is impossible associated without injuries or tears,

In pain and joy, we learn how to be brave and strong.

Sometimes it is our responsibility, we must carry that,

For selves, for others, even for the country,

Even pay the own lives, for more people, more relatives living better.

We do one thing for a loved one,

Because we love him, trust him,

Thus, we will become stronger.

In this way, perhaps at some future day,

We are able to meet again, sure to gently ask “how are you”…



614:The true meaning of the Byakugan

A: The status and performance of the Byakugan

As we know, the comic has repeatedly stressed that the Byakugan status is on the same status as the Syaringan and the Rinegan, but from Naruto to now more of our feelings are that the Byakugan is a soy sauce. In this, then I see Neji death, I wonder what is the value? Even though he died Juubi will continue to attack, will others come to save Naruto? Even Tyochi cocooned into a butterfly, and the first two episodes of the Konoha ninja seems to be more than Neji contribution. And also I do not understand why it specifically takes a few episodes to say the Zetsu disguised as Neji, just in order to embody powerful Zetsu changing surgery? Neji in this episode is dead, I also saw a lot of analysis and discussion forums, many people say that Byakugan is nothing, but the following is what I see.

Firstly from this episode, the comic repeatedly mentioned the “genius” “The Hyuga is very strong “.

Strong? Genius? Then what? Fallen? I think the primary author will not commit such a stupid mistake. If Tyochi can outbreak, Neji as a genius, cannot thus fall.

Author throughout has stressed Naruto is a man said to do.If Naruto’s partner is really dead because of himself, all the ways paved before have no meaning. I firmly believe that in the next few episodes, the Byakugan and the Hyuga will be reflected by the genius Neji, he will be resurrected.

B: How resurrection?

Judging from the episode, the comic gave several close-up of Hinata’s father.

The first is that he mentioned Neji’s father, I believe these ellipsis is not necessarily all sorry, but also a symbol of Hinata’s father will have the same quality of his own brother.

The second, Hinata’s father said that people would be killed, and he has made it clear that the war must be desperate battled, he has already done to death.

Thirdly, Hinata’s father saw Neji dying, he showed consternation, why? Since he already knew there would be some sacrifice, why consternation? I think it is the inner touch, and perhaps he saw many years ago, his brother died the same way in order to protect himself?

I do not know how Neji will be resurrected, but I believe that the resurrection of foreshadowing Hinata’s father here, he must sacrifice himself and in exchange for this genius Hyuga Neji.

C: The true meaning of the Byakugan.

Now, we can easily find Hyuga really have no big trick.They are most proud of the guardian skills.Before Neji’s death, he finally has sentiment, and choose to die in order to guard the partner, and thus the seal on his forehead disappeared. Why portrayed his sentiment? This proves once again that the Hyuga Neji will be resurrected, and the guarding is the true meaning of the Byakugan.


613:The counsel of Konoha genius military counselor

What will defeat Juubi, what is it? It is actually a very small detail that bomb emission makes Juubi weak, or that there is so a little charge time during that period of time, Juubi is very vulnerable. I am sure you will have a lot of questions about that, I will now give some explanations.

Shackles on for Juubi are no longer valid, but without shackles they are not able to deal with the summit. Since the ninja army cannot do that, what about Madara and Obito? By controlling Madara and Obito with the genjyutsu, Juubi issues will be solved. But facing Madara and Obito, the genjyutsu will almost be ineffective, so Kakashi was called to confirm some things by Shikaku. What is it? To confirm something Kakashi completely not shot, why Shikaku was still sure for his own judgment? In fact, Shikaku called Kakashi to confirm that when bomb was shot Juubi cannot be interrupted, or it will result in his injury.

Below I will explain why Kakashi did not do anything but Shikaku has confirmed his own judgment.

Reading the comic carefully we can see that when Juubi made bomb emission, its body was in the shaking. Kakashi was ready to test whether the bomb can be interrupted, but it was so fast. So Kakashi called toton ninja to make Juubi


609:Smart Kyubi, slow Naruto

Naruto launched Kagebunsin no jyutu in the last episode, then after that he ran to Kakashi to protect him. This should be Kyubi, it could think of a good way to deal with Obito in a very short period of time, its IQ is not low. By the way, Obito, your bad memory made yourselves be hitted three times by the same trick!

Obito said to Kakashi: your strength is not enough, without chakra you became a waste. Syaringan can see through the amount of chakra.

Subsequently, Kyubi occupied the thoughts of Naruto. It seized the gap that Kakashi was to be in contact with Obito, to transmit chakra to Kakashi by hand. Visibly, Kyubi is also very familiar for the use of the Syaringan. It knew the Syaringan could see through the opponent’s chakra amount, so at the last minute it transfered chakra to Kakashi, which made Obito had no chance to react. Possibly among Juubi, Syaringan, Kyubi, there is a subtle link.

After that, with chakra from Kyubi, Kakashi transmitted over the space. With Naruto’s attack, part of Obito’s body blurred into the space. Then Kakashi attacked the physical body, Obito injured hematemesis.

At last Naruto showed a sour face. Where have you seen it? Yes, from Jiraya!

Conclusion: Kyubi is a good teammate, great resourcefulness, Naruto was a little slow. Let us look at the following whether Kyubi can change Naruto.


605:Obito’s outbreak

Mangekyou of Obito and kakashi

The previous comic showed Kakashi always thought mask man was Madara, which means Kakashi did not know Obito saved him, and the reason is that he lied on the ground after Kakashi opened mangekyou. The two men opened the mangekyou at the same time, so what is the condition? Kill their loved ones? Witness two loved ones killing each other? To answer these questions, we must figure out, Kakashi and Obito who opened mangekyou.

In the last episode, Obito covered his left eye, he saw the picture that he transplanted to Kakashi’s left eye. That even syaringan was transplanted to others, under certain conditions, it can still be connected to the master. So I think Kakashi did not open mangekyou, but Obito helped him. I think only the master can open mangekyou, and syaringan should be opened in pairs. That is why space-time ninjutsu between Obito and Kakashi was the same, and they were able to run into in another space. Syaringan is based on each person’s the different abilities. If Kakashi opened mangekyou, I think that even it was from transplant, his eye and Obito’s eye were at least biased, impossible to synchronize to the point.

Obito’s outbreak

Obito’s outbreak in fact is completely manipulated by his own emotions. We know that Obito came to the battle with injuries. But these are not important, we need only note that Obito killing so many people relied completely on the screw face. Some people said it was impossible, I tell you may.

We find Obito grew wood from the right side of the body. They were released by the right hand. That I made a preliminary speculation, this is not from Obito himself, but from the screw face, and controlled by Obito.

What screw face said has proved Obito can use it in the blink of an eye. This is more proof of Obito’s controlling capabilities.

Have to say that Obito’s right hand is very powerful, pinching a head burst. At this time Obito was still awake to keep the first personality.